When life hands you a lemon . . .
When life hands you a lemon . . .
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Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Drinking Products

If you need unique, quality gifts for the tequila drinker in your life, Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila drinking products is the best place to shop, because we're tequila drinkers ourselves!

For instance, our Tequila Aficionado shot-of-tequila kit makes the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, retirement parties, any occasion! Our one-of-kind, handmade drinking kit takes tequila drinking to a more sophisticated level.

And we're not just sitting around here drinking tequila from our cool tequila drinking sets -- we're working on more fun tequila drinking products for tequila lovers all the time!

When life hands you a lemon, Lick. Drink. Suck®! Anything else is a waste of lime!