When life hands you a lemon . . .
When life hands you a lemon . . .
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Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Shot Glass - Here's To Ya, LLC
Here's To Ya, LLC

Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Shot Glass

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Can you do a shot of tequila without a tequila shot glass?

Well, DUH, no! Ours even has the instructions on it:

Lick. Drink. Suck.®

Just in case you forget because you Lick. Drink. Suck.® too much. Yeah we got ya.

Maybe you got wild and crazy and broke your Shot-of-Tequila Kit shot glass? No problema. We got ya covered.

tequila shot glass

Our etched, 1-oz, heavy-bottom tequila shot glass will make you feel like you're really drinking something.


  • you'll look cool
  • they don't make your butt look big
  • everything you say will be fascinating
  • all your jeans will be skinny jeans

We can't guarantee it, but you might even hear the dry crunch of desert gravel and see Clint Eastwood sitting next to you.

(We don't charge extra for any of that, by the way.) SCORE!

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