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About the Inventor

Ignore Boundaries. It Won't Be Easy. But Go for it.

Inventor of the Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Saucer

Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila drinking products are the brainchild of inventor and business owner Jane Aficionada.

When most girls were playing with dolls, Jane was playing drums. At the age of 15, she sang and played drums (at the same time) in night clubs and at special events. The money she earned playing music helped pay for college as she earned a degree in journalism with a minor in music.

After years in the music business, writing, recording, and performing across the U.S., Jane started a multi-media company that exists today, serving clients with custom graphics, film and music soundtracks.

Think Big. Fly High.

At a young age, Jane wanted to fly. In 2004, she earned a private pilot license. Being a pilot in command can give a girl a new perspective: If you can fly, you can do most anything -- if you work at it.

Put in the Work. Make it Tangible.

Jane’s tequila drinking products, specifically her patented tequila saucer, were not created overnight. She has spent hard-earned money and 15 years designing, refining and laboring to offer unique and fun products for tequila drinkers.  

What’s next?

A lot more Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila drinking products are on the horizon, including tequila!  Sign up for our Tequila Nation USA Newsletter to stay informed. 

Inventor of the Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Drinking Kit


NOTE: Every Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila drinking box set includes a hand-written postcard from Jane.

Photos of Jane courtesy of P.F. Thornburg.
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