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Orange You Glad You Like Tequila?

Tequila for the Masses

Tequila drinking used to get a bad rap. Today, millions of people have discovered the finer side of tequila. New tequila companies are being created by celebrities and entrepreneurs as the demand for tequila increases. Maybe we created the Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila saucer and our shot-of-tequila kits at the right moment in tequila history! They're fun to use and created with safety and cleanliness in mind. Each tequila drinker has his or her own private space in which to imbibe -- no sharing piles of salt, grabbing snacks from large serving bowls, or leaving lime or lemon wedges on germ-filled bars or tables. Within this age of viruses and social distancing, it was an idea ahead of its time!

What's in a Tequila Saucer?

Speaking of creating our saucer, we’ve learned more about plastics than we ever dared to dream. Early on in the search for a manufacturer for a product that didn’t exist, the plan was to go with what is called injection molding whereby plastic is injected into a custom mold and the product is formed. We needed a food-safe, 6" saucer that had four specific pockets for a shot glass, a mini salt shaker, lime or lemon wedges, and a snack. I spent over a year speaking to dozens of manufacturers on the phone or meeting them in person. The answers I received were grim.

“Naw, we can’t do that.”

“Sorry, too complicated.”

“You’ll never get that done.”

Then I had the pleasure of talking to Craig from Proto Labs, Inc., a company based in Maple Planes, Minnesota. From the very first conversation, Craig was optimistic. We worked together over several months with detailed technical drawings based on a CAD design my brother-in-law had created from our original hand-made pottery saucer. Protolabs manufactured a few prototypes before we got to the shapes and size we wanted.

Lick. Drink. Suck.® Original Tequila Saucer Prototype by Heres To Ya LLC

However, I eventually realized the switch had to made from injection molding to thermoforming to get the desired product.  With thermoforming, plastic is heated until it is pliable and formed to a specific shape. That process helped to alleviate the need for many release points that would force little spots to show up all over the plate if we had stuck to the injection molding process. (Innovative Plastics in Nashville, Tennessee -- another great American company -- was able to successfully manufacture our tequila saucer with thermoforming.)

Tequila, Oranges and Cinnamon. Oh, My!

The Official Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Saucer

Enough about plastics. What I really want to tell you about is tequila, oranges and cinnamon! Within the time we were working together, Craig had attended a wedding. When he got back into the office that week, he emailed me, because at the wedding reception the guests were served tequila, but with a twist. The tequila shots came with orange slices and cinnamon! Craig said it was really tasty, and it would have been a great addition to the festivities to have Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila saucers on every table. Visualize a room full of fancy wedding-guest tables dotted with happy, green tequila saucers filled with shots of tequila, orange slices, cinnamon in mini shakers, and a little snack; it's a beautiful picture for any event with much less table mess to clean up afterward, because the Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila saucers hold everything in place. 

So Orange You Glad You Like Tequila?

Craig asked if I had ever tried tequila with oranges and cinnamon, and I had to admit, I had not. You can guess what I did next. I bought some tequila and oranges, filled up a mini salt shaker with cinnamon and proceeded to do a Lick. Drink. Suck.® taste test. WOW. If you have not tasted oranges and cinnamon with tequila, you need to give it a try; it’s a delicious combination, and it paints such a pretty picture on Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila saucers. Keep our shot-of-tequila kits in mind for the holidays and all year round. And DO let us know if you need bulk pricing for your bar, restaurant, or next big social-distancing event.

Hats off to Craig, not only for sharing the tequila fun he experienced at a wedding, but for being so enthusiastic about a product before it was even a reality. I went back this week and read through the many email conversations we had, and at every turn, he believed in the Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila saucer. Even though another manufacture was able to bring the product to fruition, Craig and Proto Labs, Inc. had a big hand in getting us there.

Thanks Craig! Here’s to Ya!

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