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Spice Up Leftover Turkey with Quesadillas and Tequila!

Spice up leftover holiday turkey with Lick. Drink. Suck.® shot-of-tequila kits and a recipe from to create a party on a plate in more ways than one!

It's Time for BOOS!

Don't be afraid because you have NO idea how you're going to have fun this Halloween. We've got you covered with the LIMITED EDITION Boos Box Shot-of-Tequila Kit! 

Take it to the Beach

Our friends went to the beach and took their Lick. Drink. Suck.® Shot-of-Tequila Kit with them! The photos are fabulous, so we asked their permission to share.

It’s Worth a Shot (And It’s Not Always About Tequila)

Here’s To Ya, Wally Funk! Touch the stars. Relish the moment. Godspeed. From this day forward, you are an international star and inspiration to all.

Cinco de Mayo!

What's the significance of Cinco de Mayo?

Lick. Drink. Suck.® Like a Big Dog and Help Save One

Purchase a Black Dog Spirits & Ale shot-of-tequila kit and Here's To Ya, LLC will donate one half of our profit to the Cheatham County Animal Control Shelter to help save the lives of animals who have been abandoned. 

Orange You Glad You Like Tequila?

Have you ever tried tequila with oranges and cinnamon? It's a really tasty combination for the holidays or any celebration. Use our festive Lick. Drink. Suck.® 6" tequila saucers that hold all of your tequila and food items handily within a personal drinking space.

Less Stress. More Tequila.

Sit back for a minute and think about all the great things in your life, despite any hardships you might be facing. Aren’t the good things worth celebrating?

Can You Drink Tequila and Still Lose Weight?

Drink Tequila to lose weight. Unwanted body fat can sneak up on you if you drink alcohol. Lick. Drink. Suck.® to a skinnier you!

How the Lick. Drink. Suck.® Shot-of-Tequila Kit was Born!

One summer evening a young woman was standing in her friend’s kitchen, when the friend said,“HEY! Want a shot of tequila?!” The rest is . . . HERstory! 
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