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Q: What is a Lick. Drink. Suck.® (LDS) Tequila Saucer?

A: Glad you asked! Our tequila saucer is a patented 6”-round saucer that is made with dedicated slots to hold your shot glass, mini salt shaker, lemon or lime wedge, and a snack in a personal drinking space.

Q: Why do I need LDS Tequila Saucers?  (Watch the Video.)

Watch the Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Saucer Video

A: Our ingenious tequila saucer creates a convenient, clean, personal drinking space, which is “extree” good in the current state of the pandemic environment.

As a tequila drinker, you know how messy and inconvenient things can get —  sometimes you’re forced to use communal piles of salt and citrus wedges, or those items are slapped on a bar or table top.  And when you’re at a party (or giving one) and want tequila, you’re stuck standing in one spot. With the LDS saucer, you're free to roam with a personal tequila kit in which a shot glass, salt and food items are at your fingertips! When you want another shot, all you have to do is pour! Your tequila-drinking items stay right with you at all times.

Q: Where is the LDS Tequila Saucer made?

A: We’ve gone through great pains to bring you a product made in the USA. (I mean, it took years, baby, to find a USA manufacturer that would work with us!) Our tequila saucers are made by the amazing people at Innovative Plastics at the Nashville, TN location. We LOVE them. (Innovative cares about their customers and the environment.)

Q: Is the LDS Tequila Saucer food safe?  

A: Yes! Our saucer is made of BPA-Free, durable plastic. It’s even recyclable. But you should have no reason to recycle because these tequila saucers will last forever! Just rinse, or you place them in the dishwasher, and then store for the next time.

Q: Can I just purchase the saucers if I have the shot glasses and mini salt shakers?

A: Currently, we do not sell the LDS tequila saucers separately.  They come inside the different tequila kit options we offer.

Q: How many options are there to purchase tequila kits featuring the LDS saucer?

A: Currently, we sell kits in 2-place, 4-place, 6-place, and 8-place settings. Each kit is housed in a handy storage/travel boxes and contains: 

  • tequila saucers
  • shot glasses
  • mini salt shakers
  • a mini salt funnel
  • an instruction card
  • a signed postcard by Jane Aficionada with a discount code for future purchases

Q: Can I purchase Lick. Drink. Suck.® tequila drinking products at a store?

A: YES! If you live near Nashville, TN, we have a retail display at Black Dog Spirits & Ale at 256 Centre St, Pleasant View, TN 37146.  (Purchase the custom Black Dog Spirits tequila kit at the store and one half our our profit will be donated to the Cheatham County Animal Control Shelter to help save pets' lives.)

Lick. Drink. Suck.® Tequila Drinking Products Available at Black Dog Spirits & Ale in Pleasant View TN

Q: Can Here’s To Ya, LLC create custom tequila kits for my event, project or corporation?

A: We sure can! Contact us to let us know if your needs meet our minimum requirements and we’ll all have fun making it happen!

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